For Slovaks who emigrated in or after 1968.

Please help us to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the emigration of Slovaks in or after 1968 from Slovakia to Canada by contributing your emigration story either orally or in the written form to the Slovak Canadian Heritage Museum for use by the planning committee of the 50th Anniversary celebration.

The following statements might help you to write your story.

  1. What factors in your life in Slovakia prior to 1968 prompted you to consider emigrating to Canada either by yourself or with your family?


  1. Describe the day you left your home in Slovakia to begin your immigration journey.


  1. What stands out in your memory regarding your trip the day you left Slovakia?


  1. Did you arrive in Canada right away or did you live in another country or place before coming to Canada?


  1. What was your first impression of Canada and the Canadians you met?


  1. Describe some of the problems you had in your early years in Canada.


  1. In what ways has your decision to immigrate to Canada changed the life you might have had if you had stayed in Slovakia?


  1. Why is it important to keep our Slovak heritage and traditions in Canada?


9. Why should Canadians know about the wave of emigration from Slovakia after 1968 and what should they learn from your experience?